Cancer Biology
Scientists in CNPS are studying the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer with a view to developing novel treatment strategies.
Cellular Neuroscience
Cellular neuroscientists in CNPS are exploring the properties of single brain cells in order to understand system-level phenomena relevant to brain function and dysfunction.
Social Responsiveness
The Department of Human Biology offers regularly open days and job shadowing opportunities for high school learners - to showcase our research and increase attractiveness of careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
Bone Boxes
Bone samples provide a rich source to study variation in anatomical features
Stroke Rehabilitation
reScribe is a robotic hand exoskeleton developed as a rehabilitation tool for stroke patients to improve fine motor skills through task oriented handwriting therapy
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Thursday, 13 May 2021
Portrait of Prof Tania Douglas on stage durign her TED talk
In memory of Prof Tania Douglas

Prof Tania Douglas passed away on 20 March 2021 following a courageous battle with cancer.

Publication Date:
Thu, 25 Mar 2021 - 13:30
Lecturer and students around skeleton in anatomy class
Teaching the teachers - Short course on teaching in HUB

HUB organises with UCT's Centre for Higher Education Development a short course for its staff on educational theories and pedagogies to become more effective educators to our students and mentors of teaching practices to our next-generation educators.


Publication Date:
Sat, 20 Feb 2021 - 11:15
In remembrance: Sharmilah Booley

Sharmilah was a cherished colleague, friend and teacher and a ray of sunshine, with a bubbly personality, ready smile and good humour. She will be sorely missed but will not be forgotten by those of us who were fortunate to know her | Watch the memorial service

Publication Date:
Mon, 18 Jan 2021 - 15:45
(From left) Megan Petersen, Shirees Benjamin, Michael Cassar and Jacques Jacobs, members of the team that manages HUB's body donor programme.
HUB body donor programme continues despite COVID-19

Thanks to rigorous COVID-19 health and safety protocols, the Department of Human Biology has maintained its body donor programme without risking staff or students. The programme is essential to teaching anatomy and new surgical techniques.

Publication Date:
Wed, 23 Dec 2020 - 12:30