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Science in Our Schools - S.O.S.

"Science in Our Schools - S.O.S." is an annual programme to engage and create passion in learners from traditionally disadvantaged schools in the Western Cape to pursue a career in biology/medical sciences/sports medicine etc. The programme was established by  UCT's Faculty of Health Sciences and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Each year in January, researchers (principal investigators/supervisors/senior postdocs) in the department host pairs of school learners from two circuits of traditionally disadvantaged schools for one week during the school vacation. The learners are integrated in the host's labs to provide them with the "experience" of being scientists. The learners are briefed by the UCT organisers in an opening ceremony at the start of the week. The learners will get specific tasks that they have to complete on their own during that week, culminating with a presentation on the final day. Logistics and costs of of the programme (e.g. bringing the learners to UCT, lunches etc) are kindly covered by WCED.

If you are interested to learn more about our S.O.S. programme or would like to participate as host or learner, please contact Dr Robea Ballo.