Welcome to Dr Joseph Raimondo

1 Jun 2017 - 09:45


Welcome to Dr Joseph Raimondo who has been appointed as Senior Lecturer in the Division of Cell Biology within the Department of Human Biology. Dr Raimondo officially starts in his new position on 1 July 2017.

Dr Raimondo is a cellular neuroscientist who investigates brain function and dysfunction using electrophysiological, optical imaging and computational approaches. He has a medical degree from UCT and a DPhil in neuroscience from the University of Oxford. His career ambition is to produce outstanding research of both local and global relevance, whilst developing African capacity in cellular neurophysiology and computational neuroscience. The primary aim of his research group is to answer the question: 'Why do brains seize?' To do so they examine the cellular and circuit level interactions between brain cells, which result in the development of epileptic seizures. They attempt to utilise a 'first principles approach' to make predictions that can be tested experimentally. They have a strong focus on synaptic inhibition and causes of epilepsy relevant to the African context, such as epilepsy secondary to cerebral tape worm infection (neurocysticercosis).