Welcome to Dr Ashwin Isaacs

7 Nov 2018 - 11:00


The Department of Human Biology welcomes Dr Ashwin Isaacs as Senior Technical Officer in the Division of Cell Biology. Dr Isaacs will oversee the Histology Laboratory.

Dr Issacs completed both undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Stellenbosch University under the supervision of Prof. Kathy Myburgh. He started working at the Department of Physiological Sciences in 2012 where he managed the histology laboratory and was responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate practical laboratory teaching. In 2014, he enrolled for and recently completed a part-time PhD investigating the effects of melatonin treatment on doxorubicin-induced skeletal muscle atrophy in a tumour-bearing rodent model under the supervision of Prof. A-M Engelbrecht. He enjoys sports, travelling, a good braai and transferring his experiences and laboratory skills.