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14 Jun 2019 - 18:30

Invitation to All HUB Staff Members: One-day Workshop on Developing Resilience

Dear colleagues in HUB,

UPDATE: The workshop planned for 3 July had to be cancelled and will be offered later during the year.

You are invited to attend a one-day workshop on ‘Developing Resilience’ organized by the Department of Human Biology. The workshop is open to ALL HUB staff members (PASS and Academic). Each workshop can accommodate 30 participants.

  • Workshop 1: Wed 28 Aug 2019, 9h00-16h30, Faculty of Health of Sciences, UCT
  • Workshop 2: Date to be announced, Faculty of Health of Sciences, UCT

Both workshops are the same and you can attend only one.

Please click here to sign up for the workshop scheduled for 28 August.

Workshop Description

This one-day workshop is a carefully structured experiential learning and training experience to guide delegates towards greater self-awareness as the basis for developing resilience. The workshop is based on the premise that resilience is a pattern of qualities and skills – a competency that leaders can develop to help them turn stressful circumstances from potential disasters into growth opportunities instead. Staff members with a change resilient attitude have developed a solid, assured and secure sense of self.

This does not mean that they will not be thrown of balance from time to time by unexpected events and circumstances. However, they are able to deal with the unexpected, stay committed to relationships, and in general view change as a challenge and not a threat.


Delegates will develop the ability to:

  • Lead in challenging times with more self-confidence and greater self-awareness.
  • Be more resilient to stress.
  • Approach change as a meaningful challenge, rather than detaching and giving up.
  • Build an environment of assistance and encouragement among coworkers.
  • Model resilient behavior and a can do attitude

Resilience Overview

  • Change and the need to adapt and learn as context for the program.
  • Introduction to hardiness as an attitude that distinguish managers and executives who remain healthy under stress, as compared to those who developed health problems.
  • Introduction to resilience as the ability of an individual to cope with adversity and change. Resilience is most commonly understood as a process, and not as a trait of an individual. In this sense resilience occurs when there are cumulative “protective factors”. These protective factors can be developed to enhance resilience and this is the focus of the program.
  • Introduction to a Resilience assessment to identify protective factors and enhance resilience
  • Introduction to Resilience tools and techniques


The workshop will be facilitated by Anwar van der Schyff who specialises in organisational effectiveness and leadership development interventions, with more than 25 years’ experience. His key focus areas include, change management and resilience, organisational design, culture and climate interventions, coaching and mentoring, team cohesion interventions, leadership development at all levers including accelerated development. He also lectures at post grad level various modules in Organisational Psychology.