Welcome to Glenrose Manale

30 Mar 2017 - 13:45

The Department of Human Biology welcomes Mrs Glenrose Manale as a new staff member. She joined the Division of Human Nutrition as a Clinical Educator.

Glenrose Manale is a qualified and registered dietician in South Africa with a four year honours degree in nutrition from University of Limpopo and recently enrolled for Masters in Nutrition with University of Pretoria. Prior to working at University of Cape Town, Glenrose Manale worked at University of Limpopo as  Part-time Lecturer and Resaf International Pty Ltd as key Account Manager

She has been contributing professionally since 2008  to government hospitals, private companies and higher education institutions in her areas of specialized expertise:

Training and development,

Clinical Nutrition

Psychiatric nutrition.

She is also a registered member of Association of Dietetics in South Africa.