Welcome to our Adjunct and Honorary Appointees

9 Dec 2020 - 12:45

The department is delighted to welcome several adjunct and honorary appointees. We would like to congratulate all new colleagues to their appointments.

Adjunct Lecturer

  • Mr Avinesh Pursad
  • Mr Ayden Smith
  • Mrs Kim Murphy Bellairs
  • Mr Neil Hopkins

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Janine Gray

Honorary Lecturer

  • Dr Amy Mendham
  • Dr Leigh Gordon

Honorary Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Henri Rauch
  • Dr Jason Suter
  • Dr Sharhidd Talliep

Honorary Associate Professor

  • A/Prof Bhushan Borotikar

Honorary Professor

  • Prof Julia Goedecke
  • Prof Robert Lamberts
  • Prof Stefan Weiss
  • Prof Yannis Pitsiladis