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Departmental Executive Committee

The departmental Executive Committee consists of:

  1. The Head of Department (HOD),
  2. The Deputy Heads of Department
  3. The Heads and Deputy Heads of Divisions (HoDiv) of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Cell Biology, Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology (CABA), and Physiological Sciences.
  4. The Chairs of departmental committees,
  5. Representatives of departmental portfolios, and
  6. Members without a specific portfolio.

Members of the Executive Committee

Member Portfolio(s)
Prof Sharon Prince HOD
Dr Jeroen Swart COVID-19 Response - Medical
Prof Thomas Franz Deputy HOD
Dr Geney Gunston Deputy HOD, Acting HoDiv CABA
Prof Ernesta Meintjes HoDiv BME
A/Prof Sudesh Sivarasu Deputy HoDiv BME, Chair: Departmental Research Committee
A/Prof Delva Shamley HoDiv CABA
A/Prof Dirk Lang HoDiv Cell Biology, Undergraduate Education - Science
Dr Amaal Abrahams Deputy HoDiv Cell Biology, Chair: Undergraduate Education Committee, Undergraduate Education - Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Prof Malcolm Collins HoDiv Physiological Sciences
Prof Alison September Deputy HoDiv Physiological Sciences
A/Prof Asfree Gwanyanya Deputy HoDiv Physiological Sciences
A/Prof Sudesh Sivarasu Chair: Departmental Research Committee
Dr Kishor Bugarith Undergraduate Education - MBChB
Dr Mubeen Goolam Chair: Communications Committee
Dr Jacolene Kroff Chair: Postgraduate Education Committee
Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa Chair: Transformation and Equity Committee
Dr Joseph Raimondo Neuroscience Institute
Dr Roopam Dey Chair: Postdoctoral Committee
Mr Charles Harris Chair: Health and Safety Committee, Scientific/Technical Officers and Departmental/Laboratory Assistants
Ms Khalida Crawley Administrative Staff