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Departmental Research Committee

The Departmental Research Committee (DRC) oversees research-related administration in the Department of Human Biology with all of its divisions. Responsibilities of the DRC include the following:

  • Review and authorisation of research proposals for grants and postgraduate student projects
  • Preparation of the annual departmental research report
  • Recording of research output

The DRC chair represents the Department of Human Biology on the Faculty Research Committee.

Getting Advice from the DRC

  • Please review information on the pages of this research administration section of the HUB web site.
  • Should the required information not be available, please contact Ms Abbigale Van Der Westhuizen or the DRC representative of your division (see below).

Composition of the DRC

The Departmental Research Committee is constituted of representatives of each division in the department, and the Head of Department and the Directors of the core research facilities as ex officio member.

Name Division / Core Facility Email Extension
Prof Thomas Franz, Chair   406 6235
Prof Tania Douglas Biomedical Engineering 406 6541
Dr Dorit Hockman Cell Biology 406 6461
Dr Victoria Gibbon Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology 650 4431
Dr Yumna Albertus Exercise Science and Sports Medicine 650 4560
Prof Nelia Steyn Human Nutrition 650 1097
Dr Vinogran Naidoo Physiological Sciences 406 6243
Prof Malcolm Collins (ex officio) Head of Department    
Prof Sharon Prince Deputy Head of Department    
A/Prof Alison September (ex officio) Transformation    
Prof Ernesta Meintjes (ex officio) Cape Universities Body Imaging Centre at UCT    
A/Prof Dirk Lang (ex officio) Confocal and Light Microscope Imaging Facility    
Ms Abbigale Van der Westhuizen Administrative Support 406 6235