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Division of Human Nutrition


To be recognised as Afrocentric, world class leaders in nutrition science and dietetics, while being committed to social involvement and community upliftment in these areas.


  • To train versatile, excellent nutrition scientists and professional dietitians with a special expertise in addressing the needs of Africa, who will continue to advance their own development as well as that of the profession.
  • To produce innovative, relevant and rigorous research that contributes to the specialised, unique body of knowledge in nutrition science and dietetics, thereby increasing visibility and recognition.
  • To develop strong internal and external networks and collaborations that will nourish and sustain the teaching and research activities.
  • To promote good work ethos, team work and opportunities for staff career development.
  • To direct the academic activities of the division toward public engagement, to contribute to community development and to the transmission of knowledge within the realm of nutrition, and in so doing, support the common good.

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