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Departmental Postgraduate Education Committee

Composition of the Committee

The Departmental Postgraduate Education Committee (PEC) is constituted of:

  • Chair and Deputy Chair
  • One academic staff member from each Division in the department, familiar with divisional PG teaching and supervision activities and processes and nominated by the respective Head of Division.
  • One staff member with Student Wellness portfolio
  • One staff member from each division, elected by the students of the respective division.
  • Two postgraduate students from each division, elected by the students of the respective division
  • One administrative staff member familiar with the HUB postgraduate education determined by the HOD.
  • Head of the Department or delegated authority (Ex officio)

Core PEC

Name Portfolio Email Extension
Dr Jacolene Kroff Chair 650 5126
Dr Joseph Raimondo Deputy Chair, Division of Cell Biology 650 4643
Dr Lisa de Paulo Deputy Chair, Student Wellness 406 7031
Dr Lindie Du Plessis Division of Biomedical Engineering 650 3639
A/Prof Asfree Gwanyanya Division of Physiological Sciences 406 6400
A/Prof Jacqui Friedling Division of Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology 404 7641
A/Prof Jeroen Swart Division of Physiological Sciences 650 4562
Ms Khalida Crawley Administrative support 404 7706
Prof Thomas Franz Deputy Head of Department 650 1795
Prof Sharon Prince (ex officio) Head of Department 404 7641

Additional Student-elected Members

Name Portfolio Email
Ashraf Vahed (student) Division of Biomedical Engineering
Leshego Ledwaba (student)  
Stephen Jermy (staff)  
Claire Bellis (student) Division of Cell Biology
Josh Selfe (student)  
Dr Joseph Raimondo (staff)  
Sadiyah Malek (student) Division of Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology
A/Prof Jacqui Friedling (staff)  
Philippa Forshaw (student) Division of Physiological Sciences
Arron Correia (student)  
Iyanuoluwa Oyetunji (student)  
A/Prof Asfree Gwanyanya (staff)  
Dr Roopam Dey Postdoctoral Researchers