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Departmental Undergraduate Education Committee

Composition of the Committee

The Departmental Undergraduate Education Committee is constituted of:

  • Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Portfolio Chairs (3 Chairs: MBChB, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Science)
  • One academic staff member from each Division in the department to be recruited by the respective Head of Division.
  • One administrative staff member familiar with the HUB undergraduate courses to be recruited by the HOD.
  • Head of the Department of Human Biology or delegated authority (Ex officio)


Name Portfolio Email Extension
Dr Amaal Abrahams Chair & Portfolio Chair Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 406 6123
Dr Kishor Bugarith Deputy Chair & Portfolio Chair MBChB 404 7609
A/Prof Dirk Lang Portfolio Chair Science 406 6419
Dr Geney Gunston Deputy Head of Department & Division of Clinical Anatomy and Biological Anthropology 406 6249
A/Prof Tinashe Mutsvangwa Division of Biomedical Engineering 650 1418
Sharmilah Booley Division of Cellular, Physiological & Nutritional Sciences 406 6310
Dr Caroline D'Alton Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine 650 1528
Ms Patience Zantsi Undergraduate Administration 406 6670
Prof Sharon Prince (ex officio) Head of Department