NRF Community Engagement Award for Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa

24 Aug 2016 - 16:45

Congratulations to Dr Tinashe Mutsvangwa for receiving a Community Engagement Award from the National Research Foundation. The award will strengthen Tinashe's engaged scholarship activities on exploring, understanding and analysing co-creation of health and wellness innovations with the elderly.

During the three-year project, UCT researchers and students in the Health Innovation and Design (HID) course will engage with members of the Neighbourhood Old Age Home (NOAH).

Additionally we intend to embark on an exploration to further understand the process of engaging with this community. The engagement will be centred on the co-creation of health and wellness solutions for NOAH residents using design thinking methodology. The analysis of the engagement will utilise action research, participation research and grounded theory. The engagement with NOAH will be themed according to health and wellness priorities identified by NOAH service personnel, namely:

  1. Nutritional anaemia in seniors,
  2. Adherence to medication and health interventions in the elderly, and
  3. Raising awareness of health and wellness challenges affecting the elderly.

The project has the following features and benefits of community engagement and engaged scholarship:

  • Co-creation of health and wellness innovations with the elderly.
  • Research that takes an interdisciplinary approach that draws on a variety of expertise to address the complex determinants of successful implementation.
  • Promotion of “engaged citizenship” by relying on postgraduate student and researcher engagement with our health context for the identification of research questions.
  • Production of postgraduates and researchers who appreciate the contextual specificities that make it difficult to deliver heath care with equal effect to diverse communities.
  • Analysis of the engagement in order to understand barriers and enablers of such an engagement.
  • Contributions to the development of the theoretical and conceptual positions on community engagement in the South African context.