UCT Biomedical Engineering Hosts Workshop on Brain Imaging Analysis

10 Jun 2015 - 08:45

The UCT/MRC Medical Imaging Research Unit, in collaboration with Stellenbosch University and the Cape Universities Brain Imaging Centre, recently hosted an AFNI Training Bootcamp during the week of 20-24 April, 2015 on Upper Campus. Three speakers from the US National Institutes of Health presented a series of lectures and interactive sessions on the latest "best practices" for analysing MRI.

There were over 30 attendees from the Western Cape, greater South Africa and abroad who spent the week examining all stages of analysis, from experimental design, data gathering, visualization of results and statistical modelling. Drs. Gang Chen, Robert Cox and Ziad Saad, who are part of the group that build and maintain the publicly available AFNI software tools, combined insightful theoretical descriptions and practical suggestions (along with frequent doses of humour) during the seminars.

A large thanks also goes to UCT's Research Office and Computer Science Department for significant contributions and assistance in the organization of the workshop.