Successful Second 100UP Workshop on Biomedical Engineering

21 Aug 2017 - 17:30

The Division of Biomedical Engineering held its second 100UP workshop on Biomedical Engineering on 12 August 2017. As with the inaugural workshop in 2016, the aim was to introduce aspects of biomedical engineering to 80 grade-10 learners from Khayelitsha secondary schools who are in their first year of the 100UP project of UCT's School Improvement Initiative. This year saw seven thematic stations being offered to the learners - three more than in 2016. The new themes were health innovation, mHealth, and tissue engineering.

A big thank you goes to the staff and students of the Division of Biomedical Engineering that made the workshop possible - and to Mr Gilbert Dolo, the 100UP project coordinator from UCT's School Development Unit, for providing us again with the opportunity to participate in this outreach initiative.

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Theme 1: Medical Imaging at CUBIC-UCT

Theme 2: Heart Valves

Theme 3: Tissue Engineering

Theme 4: Medical Devices

Theme 5: mHealth

Theme 6: Health Innovation

Theme 7: Mechanobiology

Judging on the most engaging learners