Biomedical Engineering PhD student Kevin Sack receives prestigious medal

13 Jun 2015 - 10:15

Kevin Sack has received the South African Association for the Advancement of Science S2A3 medal for 2014. The medal honours outstanding South African research students graduating at the master's level.

Kevin's MSc – which he was awarded with distinction – outlined a new material model suitable for describing cardiac tissue within a computational framework. His supervisor was Dr Sebastian Skatulla of the Department of Civil Engineering. Kevin explains: "Our model, the 'Cosserat fibre continuum', accounted for bending and twisting, directly in the material model, which is not usually considered in classical mechanics."

"It goes without saying that winning the medal was an incredible honour," Sack added. "I'm sure there were many equally deserving candidates and I am grateful my work was chosen from them."

Kevin is currently undertaking a PhD in the Mechanobiology Lab of the Division of Biomedical Engineering.